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 [theme] Legalize it-Cyanogen,Dudes

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PostSubject: [theme] Legalize it-Cyanogen,Dudes   August 11th 2009, 12:28 pm

This theme hasnt been updated but I post it here so if anyone wants to port it they can

I have redone this theme and added icons,the htc-music player(thanks to stericson) and updated maps.It is a full update just missing the htc-ime.
The icon pack posted will say glared icons when installed as I haven't learned how to build an apk yet so I put my icons into another icon pack with those icons removed and mine added.
NEW ADDITION Dudes users and JF-ADP can now have CyanogenMod version. The lockscreen pulldown is working,the power button reboot option is working,the secondary sd card reader is included but not fully functional download below!!

Notice:The cyanogenmod does not have the white clock/notification text it is black

Dudes-1.3 JF-ADP 1.51 no wipe
and a Mirror
Cyanogen 3.6.2 no wipe
and a Mirror

Here is CyanogenMod for Dudes1.3 and JF-ADP 1.51 [/SIZE]
and a Mirror
JF_CRB43 update (thanks to RichieDaze .)

Cyanogen with white clock and orange notifications

NEW! Legalize it for Cyanogen 3.9.1

NEW! Legalize it for JacHeroSki 2.7.4r2 no app icons yet

There is a custom notification tone I attached to this post,if you dont already have your sd set up for it create a folder on the card called media, then in there create a folder called audio then inside audio create a folder called notifications put the sound file in there.It will now be available as a notification tone,sometimes a reboot is needed to see it.


Heres a link and a mirror for the original green theme ,I have confirmed myself that this update works for JFv1.51-ADP and Cyanogens3.4.1 (though there may be bugs for jf versions)
Link1 Mirror

Any member of this forum may port,copy,cut,spit on anything I have made.

Thanks to The Dude,Cyanogen,Stericson,Tehseano,Moonspoon,Manup,imbonez9...Everyone who has been involved in making Android the sickest mobile platform available!!

Disclaimer:I DO condone the use of marijuana and like to partake myself the fact that its illegal anywhere is a joke.

Disclaimer 2:While I may condone use my views are not the views of the great people here at All about Android they may not condone such things.

Had an Iphone...

It made me crazy

I pondered my options....

Thank God I got an Android!
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PostSubject: Re: [theme] Legalize it-Cyanogen,Dudes   August 11th 2009, 11:57 pm

don't worry not only do we agree with it condon it but use it as well Smile
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[theme] Legalize it-Cyanogen,Dudes
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