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 Hello and welcome to AllAndroid Forum

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PostSubject: Hello and welcome to AllAndroid Forum   August 11th 2009, 12:36 pm

This forum is all about Android Phones and soon to be Net books. What We are doing here is making it easier for those who mod there phones to be able to find things about all Android phones and not have to go to multiple forums/websites for it. It is also a place where those who mod there phones have a place where its easy to find a specific author IE Rom/Themer's work. It also gives those who make the Roms/Themes an easier outlet to provide there work in a more organize area. Thus each of the major contributors to this site will have there own area in there respected field. I would also like the input of those visiting here as to what they like,dislike, and would like to see changed/added as to you are the ones coming and visiting here. All input will be taken and appreciated. Thank You for joining and hopefully make this the number 1 Android forum out there.
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Hello and welcome to AllAndroid Forum
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