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 [Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12

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[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Empty
PostSubject: [Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12   [Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 EmptyAugust 7th 2009, 10:46 pm

Widgets are now separate, download them, throw them on your sd card and install them using a file manager or ADB

Just a little something I threw together to share with the community since I have learned so much.

All of these images are from other people, the most I did was edit I take absolutely no credit for any of the images contained. Thank you so much to the theme devs who work so hard... this took me kinda of a while to put together.

Credit where credit is due, much thanks to the following: Stericson, JesusFreke, Manup456, UltraSpikey, doubleokneegro, armyranger251, brandenk, l3wish, jbourque,mannyb, jdwme, JAC, The Dude, Haykuro, Cyanogen, beagz, tehseano, Moonspoon, Diaztradeinc, Ohsaka, sir*mez and LatinSilEighty.

If any of you are offended with me using your work, let me know and I can remove your work from this theme.

Trying to put together a better list of credits, but things were pulled from so many sources so I'm not sure what is what from where......

Stericson- makes things possible
Manup456- various icons, cool battery meter, hero style widgets, blue horizontal progress bar
doubleokneegro- graffiti wallpaper, style!
armyranger251- buttons, .9.pngs highlights etc., spiffy grey framework-res.apk/services.jar
brandenk- dialer, app drawer handles, white progress circles
l3wish- transparent lock screen
Jbourque/Diaztradeinc/13wish/Superhero peoples- cool black gloss popup thingy
mannyb- menu
jdwme- cool dock wallpaper carbon glow is the sh!t
beagz- chameleon htc music widget, HTC Keyboard
tehseano/moonspoon- various hero icons, cool folder drawables
sir*mez- black mms.apk
LatinSilEighty- gloss black keyboard
Ohsaka- sweet colorchange.jar
Ted417- awesome power control widget


[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1249983011743[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1249983050444[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1249984010588[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1250148707953[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1250148672757[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1250148651981[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1250148570072[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1250149022239

[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1249967093517[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1249967076171[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12 Screenshot1249967055135

I am not responsible for any damages you may incur to your phone, loved ones or sanity. FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! YOU MAY NEED THE NEW SPL! This theme has been tested to work only on CyanogenMod 3.9. I have not tested any other ROMS.

Doesn't include:
log collector


8/12 v1.4.4/1.1
Ported to
Borrowed icons from Ted's hero theme
Added Ultraspikeys dialer... very nice
cleaned up some stuff

8/10 v1.4.3
popup fixes again
ic_notification fixed

BE sure to donate to the original artists if you like this theme!!!

Current Version 1.4.4/1.1 CM
Smorg Theme:
Smorg White Theme:

1.4.3 CM3.9.7
Without Smorg Icons:

Black & White Manup456 widgets(now includes sync, autorotate & keyguard toggles) +Audio Manager Widget:
New Icons!
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[Theme] Smorg v1.4.4/SmorgWhite v1.1 [CM] 8/12
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