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PostSubject: [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen   [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen EmptyAugust 11th 2009, 1:11 pm

This theme has not been updated I post it here so if anyone wants to they can port it.

This theme has all of Cyanogens mods working and intact I have no problem porting for other builds if there is a call for it.Thanks to ohmarni for letting me use pieces of Android Plus and Ohsaka for colorChanger.jar so white notifications are able to be done on any build.

New Version 1.5.1 fixed all of the remaining 9.png's though there could be a few stragglers,and still have all the needed files to support the HtcMusic.apk I would suggest getting one you like from here] Thanks to Beags for the sweet designs.I also added my statusbar icons and new to 1.5.1a app icons there will be a version 1.5.2 with alternate 3g/edge/gprs icons if you aren't digging these.

\/ Here are screens of the new app icons in 1.5.1c \/
[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen Device2 [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen Devicet

[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247950599527 [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247950616101
^ Version1.5.1a app icons ^
[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247615998999 [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247616022908

[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247708775411n [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247616170041

[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247806133374 [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen 1247889439545
^ Version 1.4 on left version 1.5.1 on right ^
Search widget does not hang off the edge like pictured Smile

Version1.3 CM3.6.5 or 3.6.6
and a Mirror
Version1.3 CM
Version1.4 CM

Version1.5.1 CM

Version 1.5.1a with app icons

Version 1.5.1b no app icons Cyanogen 3.6.8

JetBlack 1.5.1c Cyanogen new app icons

JetBlack 1.5.1c Cyanogen 3.9.2

Thanks to The Dude,Cyanogen,Stericson,Tehseano,Moonspoon,Manup,imbonez9...Everyone who has been involved in making Android the sickest mobile platform available!!

[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen Goof10 Had an Iphone...

It made me crazy [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen Grazy11

[Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen Bong10 I pondered my options....

Thank God I got an Android! [Theme]JetBlack-Cyanogen Run10
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