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 [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen

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PostSubject: [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen   [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen EmptyAugust 11th 2009, 1:24 pm

This theme has not been updated I post it here so if anyone wants to port it they can.

This theme is done for my wife she said I should post it for the ladies who want themes,so here it is enjoy or not its all good.
Version 1
[Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen 1245871735675 [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen 1245871769904
Version 1
[Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen 1245871800171 [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen 1245871847984
Version 2
[Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen 1245877140493 [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen 1245877177386

Tinkerbell Cyanogen

Here is the Link for version1
Here is the Link for version 2
This theme works for Dudes1.3 guaranteed and will work for JFv1.51ADP and may work on some of Cyanogens builds he changes them to much for me to keep up with though,so no clue which versions of Cyanogen's this theme works for.

Thanks to Manup for the statusbar icons

Thanks to The Dude,Cyanogen,Stericson,Tehseano,Moonspoon,Manup,imbonez9...Everyone who has been involved in making Android the sickest mobile platform available!!

[Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen Goof10 Had an Iphone...

It made me crazy [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen Grazy11

[Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen Bong10 I pondered my options....

Thank God I got an Android! [Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen Run10
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[Theme] Tinkerbell-Cyanogen
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