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 [Clock] KDE-Carbon clock widget

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[Clock] KDE-Carbon clock widget Empty
PostSubject: [Clock] KDE-Carbon clock widget   [Clock] KDE-Carbon clock widget EmptyAugust 14th 2009, 1:26 pm

This is the clock widget theme from KDE 4.2. All thanks should go to the great KDE artwork team!
i just make it Android friendly by larging the numbers
the source is an CairoClock screenlet took from GnomeLook Smile
download here
also you can find it here in the Clock Widget Switcher 1.8.6 from xidominicanoix!
rename to (if needed) then remove ALL clock widgets from your home screens
reboot to recovery mode (home+power)
flash Smile
[Clock] KDE-Carbon clock widget Sec32pukxcs60fqeibni
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[Clock] KDE-Carbon clock widget
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