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 Boot Screen Flasher 3000

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Boot Screen Flasher 3000 Empty
PostSubject: Boot Screen Flasher 3000   Boot Screen Flasher 3000 EmptyAugust 15th 2009, 4:47 pm

THis is a very simple batch file to assist you in flashing a boot screen
it still uses the same files as before its just put together in one section for ease of use as you can see

thanks to xMemphisx for supplying the required files for this to work

Boot Screen Flasher 3000 N35545

1.Extract BSF3000 and open the BSF300 Folder

2. Run CreateG1Splash.exe and choose your boot image (320 x 480 PNG for best results)

3. run the bootflash.bat and follow the on screen steps

* Reboot into fastboot

* IF you're on the older spl then u have 2 screens to flash so you're gonna follow step 3 and 4. and reboot

*If you're on the newest spl the you're just going to flash 1 screen by following step 2 and reboot

4. VIOLA!!! u have a new bootscreen with no copying and pasting

Boot Screen Flasher 3000
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Boot Screen Flasher 3000
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