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 Exclusive Dev Award Rules 25 Aug - 01 Oct

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Exclusive Dev Award Rules 25 Aug - 01 Oct Empty
PostSubject: Exclusive Dev Award Rules 25 Aug - 01 Oct   Exclusive Dev Award Rules 25 Aug - 01 Oct EmptyAugust 24th 2009, 8:38 pm

. Must put [Exclusive] in the front of the title
. Rom/Theme must be posted only on this forum
. Has to be original and not just an update of an earlier work
. Must be willing to keep there Rom/Theme updated with what Rom they are on if its a Theme
. Must be active on this forum and not just post to win award, must be activly trying to be on this forum
. Winner must give me an address to send the cash or paypal account for win with in 48 hours of being told
. Must have fun doing this!!!
. Must be willing to push it on what they can do and thus forcing others to do the same
. Willing to understand that as of now its just coming out of my own pocket as the prizes so may vary. If anyone else wants to contribute to the prizes to bring the prizes to another level let me know.
- On 25 Sep you will have a chance to make your final take down of the thread but must repost by 30 Sep to be entered. This makes it so you can make last min changes to push your self after you see what other Roms/Themes/Apps where entered.
- Min 8 Themes for the $150.00 prize. Winner still gets quick link to section on tool bar however

***For more info please PM me***
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Exclusive Dev Award Rules 25 Aug - 01 Oct
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